The Digitstandard is trying to build a new type of currency that will combine the advantages of gold, blockchain-like (e.g. Bitcoin), and the modern consensus of money economics. The main purpose of this standard are:
1. Resolving the problem issued among the money-printing competitions, financial crises and trade wars;
2. Setting up a new type of National Reserve Currency base on nearly zero reserve and transaction cost;
3. Setting up a new economy order for the future.

After the crack down of Bretton Woods system, the world is maintaining the economic order base on US Dollar for decades, which gradually has several issues especially after the quantitative easing. Every country started to print Trillions of cash in order to prevent from being hurt by others’ monetary policies, which led to the more serious problem brewing within. One way to make a better change is to have a new standard can be influenced by more countries together rather than just US Dollar, kind like the board of a company.

Though gold is out of date for the standard function, most of the countries are still having mechanism of reserving gold. Obviously, there are so many disadvantages of that, high cost of reservation, safety issues, and transportation. From the historical perspective, the reasons to use gold as currency can be met by the digital currencies in the light of the Blockchain-like technology but without those weakness. What we have are the changing of the notions and the continuous improving of the detail of the construction.

Now it’s the era of technology, the world is changing faster and faster and the exploration radius of human is getting further and further. Can we still use gold as the hard currency when we colonize other planets?